Why First Penthouse?

Minimal disturbance

First Penthouse was founded with the objective of minimising disturbance for existing occupiers. We appreciate your property is your home and we want the development process to be as pleasant as possible.

Profit from our partnership

First Penthouse can unlock your rooftop potential. Generating you a significant capital sum and improving your properties common parts – at no cost to you.

Off-site construction specialists

We have the in-house expertise to deliver entire projects from conception to completion, with more knowledge in off-site modular construction and rooftop development than any other company.

How we work with Landlords

We work with Landlords in a variety of ways to suit their particular circumstances. More than conventional developers, we understand the sensitivities of rooftop development and how to work with all stakeholders.

Greener, Quicker, Smarter

Our award winning projects are better for the environment, better quality and delivered in a quicker time frame than traditional construction.

Impressive Track Record

We have a proud track record of successfully delivering penthouse developments in central London. You and your property could not be in safer hands.



St Johns Wood

Meet the team

Our team has a diverse blend of design, engineering, construction and property expertise. We are continuously striving to streamline the development process and improve our off-site product.

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