A Guide for Architects

Bespoke modular construction does not limit your design in anyway. We are experienced at working with a wide variety of architects, combining our practical knowledge with their design flair.

  • Given the additional level of engineering required for rooftop development, it is beneficial for off-site construction to be chosen early in the design process. Designing a project around our methodology will avoid redesigning
  • From a practical perspective modules should never be wider, longer or higher than road regulations stipulate. In the UK the practical limits are 4.1m, 14m and 3.6m
  • Where possible modules are to be enclosed by walls on all sides with no joints through bathrooms, windows or doors
  • From a structural perspective, joints should be located where loads from the modules can be directly transferred to the existing structure via plinths in the corners and in the middle of each long side. Beams will otherwise have to be added between plinths
  • Are the streets leading to the property wide enough to deliver the modules and accommodate a crane to install them on the roof?
  • 300mm floor structure and 300mm gap between the existing roof and underside modules to allow for soil pipes. This will have to be increased if existing down pipes are too far away
  • Thoroughly check regulations regarding fire escape routes and a secondary means of escape