Profit from our partnership

We are roof top development specialists and have the expertise to deliver entire development projects from conception to completion – at no cost to you.

We have more knowledge and experience in roof top development and advanced modular construction than any other company in the world. You and your property could not be in safer hands.

We take the financial risk to appraise the property and its structural integrity, undertake initial designs, achieve planning permission and complete the project with minimal disturbance to existing occupiers.

In virtually every project we have undertaken, further works to the building have been carried out to include improved common parts, entrance hall redesign and garden landscaping, see our Resources for more details.

More than conventional developers we are particularly familiar with the sensitivities of rooftop development and how to work with all residents and stakeholders.

If you own a share in the freehold of a building with a large flat roof, would like to improve your property and release a significant cash sum – please get in touch.