How we work with landlords

Joint Venture:

This structure tends to work best when The Landlord wants First Penthouse to take all of the financial risk with both achieving planning and funding the entire development. This approach is usually favoured for resident owned mansion blocks and where the landlord is not especially well capitalised. Upon completion the total cost of the project is deducted from the disposal price leaving a net profit to be shared by the parties.


Development Management with Profit Share:

This structure sees First Penthouse act as specialist development managers for a fee through the process and an agreed profit share upon completion. This approach tends to be favoured by well capitalised Landlords who are focused on achieving the optimum asset value/profit from a project and want both parties interests fully aligned. Typically First Penthouse is engaged at the earliest stage to assess a project’s viability, manage the process from design conception through the planning process and onto build completion.


Purchase the Development Rights:

This alternative is favoured by landlords who would prefer to receive an immediate capital injection and do not wish to play any part in the development. First Penthouse can either purchase the roof space on an unconditional or subject to planning basis.